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anti smoking
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Cigarettes Advertising Themes  »  Psychological Exploits

Calms your Nerves
spacerCalms your Nerves

(141 images)
Get a Lift
spacerGet a Lift

(56 images)
Your Disposition
spacerYour Disposition

(25 images)
Sex Sells
spacerSex Sells

(99 images)
Join the Club
spacerJoin the Club

(95 images)
Angry Ads
spacerAngry Ads

(17 images)
Macho Men
spacerMacho Men

(136 images)
Walk A Mile
spacerWalk A Mile

(24 images)
Dancing Boxes
spacerDancing Boxes

(7 images)
Zira Girls
spacerZira Girls

(11 images)
B&H People
spacerB&H People

(15 images)
Tobacco People
spacerTobacco People

(18 images)