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"More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette."
"Not one single case of throat irritation!"
"See how your throat reacts to the delightfully cool mildness of camels."
"Your " T-Zone" will tell you! T for taste, T for Throat."
"For digestions sake, smoke Camels"
"Give your throat a vacation..."
"They’re smooth and easy on my throat."
"It takes healthy nerves..."
"Camels never get on your nerves."
"They don’t get your wind."
"Fatigued? Get a lift with a camel."
"Camels agree with your throat."
"It’s a psychological fact: Pleasure helps your disposition."



"Chesterfield is best for you!"
"First to present scientific evidence on effects of smoking."
"...they leave a clean, fresh taste in my mouth."
"Nose, throat, and accessory organs not adversely affected by smoking Chesterfields."
The largest selling cigarette in America's colleges


Craven "A"

"They certainly do not affect my throat."
"They are so smooth and kind to your throat."
"Made especially to prevent sore throats."

craven a


"Inhale to your heart’s content."



"No other cigarette approaches such a degree of health protection and taste satisfaction."
"For the greatest protection you can get from any cigarette."



"Your throat will like the change. The mild menthol is definitely refreshing."
"Doctors...aree that Kools are soothing to your throat."
"Got a cold? Switch to Kools."
"Those holiday throats need a carton of Kools."
"For your throats sake—switch from "hots" to "Kools."



"Just what the doctor ordered."

l and m

Lucky Strike

"It’s toasted."
"No Throat Irritation—No cough."
"Toasting removes dangerous irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing."
"The finest flavor and protects the throat."
"11,105 doctors say Lucky Strikes prevent throat irritation."
"20,679 Physicians say Luckies are less irritating."
"Ask your doctor about a light smoke."
"7 out of 10 inhale knowingly—the other 3 inhale unknowingly."
"Luckies are easy on my throat."
"Luckies are always kind to your throat."
"Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet."
"I light a Lucky and go light on the sweets."
"No excess weight, my answer is—I just smoke a Lucky."
"Don’t rasp your throat with harsh irritants."
"The extra protection to my throat."
"I protect my voice with Luckies."
"Sensitive throats welcome Luckies."
"There is never a rough puff in a Lucky."
"Smoke to your throat’s content."
"Gentle on your throat."

lucky strike


"Ivory tips protect the lips."
"Gee, Mommy you sure enjoy your Marlboros."



"Refreshes as you smoke"


Old Gold

"Not a cough in a carload."
"Ask your dentist why Old Golds are better for the teeth."
"We don’t try to scare you with medical claims."
"No high flying medical claims... "
"If you want a treat instead of a treatment"
"We’re tobacco men...not medicine men."
"Old Gold’s throat-ease makes it a better cigarette."
"Fresh as mountain air."

old gold

Pall Mall

"Guard against throat scratch."
"Let your throat enjoy smooth smoking."

pall mall


"You’re so smart to smoke Parliaments."


Philip Morris

"No cigarette hangover."
"Your throat can tell—It's Phillip Morris."
"Sure you inhale—so play safe with your throat."
"You can’t help inhaling—but you can help your throat."
"All smokers inhale, but your throat needn’t know it!"
"Inhaling needn’t worry your throat."
"No curative power claimed, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
"Medical authorities recognize Phillip Morris proved less irritating to the smoker’s nose and throat."
"When smokers changed to Phillip Morris every case of nose or throat—due to smoking—either cleared completely or definitely improved!"

philip morris


"When you throat is irritated, Change to Spuds."
"Got a cold—change to Spuds."
"Nose or throat congested? Its time to change to Spuds."
"Throat sore? Time to give it a rest."
"Smoke like a chimney? Who cares! Your mouth will taste clean as a whistle."



"...genuine cork tip to protect the lips."



"Gives double-barreled health protection."
"Viceroy’s filter neatly checks the throat-irritants in tobacco…Safer smoke for any throat. Inhale without discomfort."
"Can never stain your teeth."