Date: 2015
Brand: Grizzly
Manufacturer: The American Snuff Company, LLC
Theme: Grizzly



In 2015, 25.3% of high school students reported current use of any tobacco product and 6% reported use of smokeless tobacco. Among middle school students, 7.4% reported use of any tobacco product and 1.8% reported use of a smokeless tobacco.1

Grizzly, owned by Reynolds American Inc, has the largest market share of moist smokeless brands.2 It is the most popular brand of moist snuff among adolescents.3Grizzly products are available in natural, mint, and wintergreen flavors. The 1.2-ounce Grizzly Long-Cut Wintergreen rang up the most dollar and unit sales˙in large chain stores. 2

Most Grizzly ads are targeted at men. The ads refer to outdoor adventures such as hunting and fishing. Use of models are limited in these ads. The main focus of the ad is on the Grizzly cans and the accompanying slogan. In this section, you will find Grizzly ads targeted at teens that send the message that you can t be a real man without chewing Grizzly. Example includes, May cause the urge to act like a man, and Coasters are for people who put their drink down.

Recently, Grizzly has run a series of advertisements with the tagline tellin it like it is. This series of ads uses sarcastic phrases as advice about how to be manly or macho. Examples of ads from this campaign include, Out here, firewood does not come pre-bundled. Another ad states, Women have shoes. Men have miter saws.

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