Date: 1940
Brand: Minor
Manufacturer: De Reszke
Campaign: Hospitalized Patients
Theme: Doctors Smoking
Keywords: female, nurse, woman, male, man, service, military, WWII, World War II, veteran, hospital, patient
Quote: The 10-minute smoke for all service folk

Comment: Your face here. Seeking young talented female nurses to light the cigarettes of our young American military men who are in need of TLC after a long fought battle. The man could be your son, your brother, your boyfriend, while the nurse could be your daughter, your sister, your girlfriend. The anonymity is part of the marketing ploy here. The injured soldier s head is wrapped in a bandage, but he guides the nurse s hand, which holds the lit match, to his unlit cigarette which hangs in his mouth. She lights the cigarette as if it is a treatment.

Hospitalized Patients

Many tobacco ads featured injured, hospitalized patients receiving tobacco products which supposedly cured them, healed them, or provided them with relief. Though this association between cigarettes and healing was not always stated explicitly, it was always implied through thoughtful strategy. When a doctor or nurse provided the patient with the product, it was given even more of a medicinal connotation.

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