Brand: Raleigh
Manufacturer: Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation
Campaign: Hospitalized Patients
Theme: Doctors Smoking
Keywords: doctor, male, man, nurse, female, woman, patient, adult, pipe, health

Comment: This ad is presented as a storyboard, like a comic. In the first two frames, a doctor smokes a cut-throat pipe which causes his patient to double over, fainting. In the next frame, the doctor s nurse recommends that he switch to Sir Walter Raleigh tobacco, and, in the final frame, his patient perks right up due to the switch. The ad calls the tobacco the cure! and presents this brand of tobacco as a healing agent.

Hospitalized Patients

Many tobacco ads featured injured, hospitalized patients receiving tobacco products which supposedly cured them, healed them, or provided them with relief. Though this association between cigarettes and healing was not always stated explicitly, it was always implied through thoughtful strategy. When a doctor or nurse provided the patient with the product, it was given even more of a medicinal connotation.

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