Date: 1935
Brand: Kensitas
Manufacturer: J. Wix & Sons
Campaign: Hospitalized Patients
Theme: Doctors Smoking
Keywords: patient, hospital, doctor, man, male, health, woman, female, senior, William Heath Robinson
Quote: This drawing shows a Mr. Pingeworthy of Middle Pillow (Beds), demonstrating a profound truth, viz: that any normal invalid, if offered the choice between a thermometer and a Kensitas, will grab the latter.

Comment: This satirical advertisement appeared in the humor and satire magazine, Punch, or the London Charivari. It is clearly poking fun at Lucky Strike, using images and slogans which are both reflective of those used at the time by Lucky Strike. In 1934, Lucky Strike used this tobacco plant image, with a circle over the center leaves that read The Cream of the Crop and also used the slogan, They Taste Better written in the exact same font. Kensitas is definitely a healing influence, the copy text claims. The text, constructed in a ridiculous, literary style, was written by author K.R.G. Browne Kenneth Robert Gordon Browne (1895-1940) and the image was illustrated by well-known English cartoonist, William Heath Robinson (1872-1944). Clearly, the ad is actually marketing Kensitas cigarettes, but does so in a Punch style by satirizing Lucky Strike. The ad also may satirize Chesterfield, as it uses their slogan, They Satisfy as well as their insistence on mildness.

Hospitalized Patients

Many tobacco ads featured injured, hospitalized patients receiving tobacco products which supposedly cured them, healed them, or provided them with relief. Though this association between cigarettes and healing was not always stated explicitly, it was always implied through thoughtful strategy. When a doctor or nurse provided the patient with the product, it was given even more of a medicinal connotation.

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