Date: 1933
Brand: Abdulla
Manufacturer: Abdulla & Company, Ltd.
Campaign: Hospitalized Patients
Theme: Doctors Smoking
Keywords: patient, hospital, man, male, woman, female, sex appeal, health
Quote: S.O.S.- The professional Cheerer. Dick neatly sliced by Harley Street, lies helpless in a dull retreat, beside a withered flower, and none can stem the victims tears till Cynthia with 'the Smile that Cheers' is hired by the hour. He flung his pills in the nurse's face and sulks in merited disgrace with spirits chilled to zero, but Cynthia, whose delicious charm blends subtly with Abdulla's balm, Transforms him to a Hero!

Comment: The patient lies helpless in the hospital bed, revived by the presence of a beautiful woman and a carton of Abdullas. The poem says that the man, Dick, has undergone an operation on Harley Street, a street located in Westmister, London, well-known for its copious doctors, especially surgeons. However, the poem speaks of innuendo perhaps a man suffering from male impotence until Abdulla rescues him Dick lies helpless in a dull retreat beside a withered flower. This is supported by the image of the withered flower in the vase, flaccid and drooping, which contrasts with the vibrant, erect flowers the woman holds in her arms beside the Abdullas. The image was illustrated by Swedish artist Einar Nerman (1888-1983), who studied under Matisse.

Hospitalized Patients

Many tobacco ads featured injured, hospitalized patients receiving tobacco products which supposedly cured them, healed them, or provided them with relief. Though this association between cigarettes and healing was not always stated explicitly, it was always implied through thoughtful strategy. When a doctor or nurse provided the patient with the product, it was given even more of a medicinal connotation.

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