Date: 1951
Brand: Cigar Institute
Manufacturer: Cigar Institute of America
Campaign: Politics & Law
Theme: Cultural Icons
Keywords: man, actor, star, political, Ronald Reagan, president
Quote: The soothing smoke from a friendly cigar brings you your pleasure in the form of satisfying fragrance and delightful aroma. That's why you need not inhale

Comment: Ronald Reagan (1911 2004), 40th President of the United States served two terms in office: 1981 - 1989. The movie mentioned in this advertisement, Bedtime for Bonzo, was made in 1951. In it, Reagan s character Professor Peter Boyd tries to teach human morals to a chimp. Reagan also served as Governor of the State of California for two terms: 1967-1975. Aside from his prolific movies career with 76 films to his credit, he served as President of the Screen Actors Guild. President Reagan died at age 93 June 5, 2004 of complications of Alzheimer s disease. Reagan quit smoking after his brother developed cancer of the larynx.

Politics & Law

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