Date: 1951
Brand: Marlboro
Manufacturer: Philip Morris
Campaign: Babies
Theme: Infants & Children
Keywords: Female, Infant, Child, Family
Quote: Just one question Mom...



It is shocking to see the plethora of tobacco brands which incorporated images of infants in their advertisements, but these images had multiple values to tobacco advertisers. For one, depictions of babies in cigarette ads reinforced the respectability of smoking as a part of normal family life, a perception often promulgated by the tobacco industry. Further, the images of youngsters tended to send a reassuring message to consumers about the healthfulness of the product. Babies, especially, represent purity, vibrancy, and life concepts which can be dangerous when tied to tobacco products. Finally, these depictions of infants were an obvious ploy to attract females to smoking as part of the industry s campaign to expand the pool of women smokers.

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