Date: 1931
Brand: Lucky Strike
Manufacturer: American Tobacco Company
Campaign: Your Adam's Apple
Theme: For your Throat
Keywords: Female, Throat, Irritation, Pure
Quote: First, the vocal chords, on account of their delicacy of structure, would be the first tissues to give indication of irritation evidenced by the huskiness of the smokers voice, the result of relaxed tension and slower vibration of the vocal chords. The next site of irritation would be the tissues adjacent to the vocal chords comprising the larynx, therefore the general focal point would be in the voice box represented externally by the Adam's Apple.

Comment: The woman featured in this ad is Frances Stewart Crossy from Baltimore, Maryland, one of the Ziegfeld Follies performers in the early 1900s.

Your Adam's Apple

This series of Lucky Strikes ads ran from May to October of 1931 and featured images of beautiful female starlets. The celebrities reached for their throats while claiming that Lucky Strike expels harsh irritants. The ads urged consumers to consider your Adam s Apple!! which indicates that though women endorse the product, the ads may be targeting men; however, the ad defines Adam s Apple as the larynx, containing the vocal cords, which indicates that Lucky Strike may consider this appeal to target both genders. An arrow pointing to the woman s throat claims that Luckies are always kind to your throat. Most ridiculously of all, the copy text claims that the harsh irritants in cigarettes are somehow miraculously removed during the toasting process; when the irritants are removed, Lucky Strike supposedly sells the irritants to manufacturers of chemical compounds.

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