Date: 1942
Brand: Marlboro
Manufacturer: Philip Morris
Campaign: Marlboro
Theme: Women's Cigarettes



This is an example of one of the earlier Marlboro ads, which marketed Marlboro cigarettes as being Mild as May to attract a female audience. This advertisement takes the next step by actually illustrating a fashionable woman smoking elegantly. In large letters, this ad mentions that Marlboros have Ivory Tips to protect the lips, targeting women who are concerned with protecting their lipstick. The woman pictured wears very dark lipstick, but her absurdly large cigarette is clean from any lipstick stains. Marlboro, the brand associated today with the rugged manliness of the Marlboro Man cowboy of later decades, was actually introduced to the market in 1927 as a woman s cigarette. It wasn t until 1954, after the war, that Marlboro underwent a sex change to compete with the three other top cigarette manufacturers.

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