Date: 1928
Brand: Spud
Manufacturer: Axton-Fisher Tobacco Company
Campaign: Pseudoscience
Theme: Scientific Authority
Keywords: Male, Throat, Cool, Tobaccometer
Quote: Let the tobaccometer tell you what's what in cigarettes. This near-human little apparatus recently took 10,000 puffs in one day!



In the first half of the twentieth century, popular faith in medicine was exploited by a series of tobacco industry-sponsored research and surveys which made its way into cigarette advertising. In this era, before the coming of the atomic bomb, little of today s cynicism existed concerning the abilities of science to overcome societal problems. To take advantage of this popular sentiment, the industry sponsored research institutes and scientific symposia, many of which amounted to little more than propaganda based upon dubious methodology. Health claims were then made on the basis of these so-called studies, as when Chesterfields were advertised in 1952 under the assertion that Nose, throat, and accessory organs [were] not adversely affected after a six-month period of medical observation (including X-rays) by ear, nose, and throat specialists.

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