Date: 1980
Brand: More
Manufacturer: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
Campaign: More
Theme: Women's Cigarettes
Keywords: Female, Health, Weight, Lights



R.J. Reynolds introduced More in 1974 to take advantage of growing trends in king size cigarettes, especially among women. More was one of the first 120 mm cigarette brands on the market, featuring 20 mm of extra length beyond the 100 mm king size (which is already significantly longer than the 85 mm of a traditional cigarette). More advertisements heavily targeted women, making use of fashion-forward models and statements like Experience the captivating color, the glamour, the excitement! (1984).

The brand name itself, More, is not only representative of the fact that there is more length to the cigarette, but it also provides psychological associations for consumers as well, as is evidenced by ad slogans. For example, slogans like Why be satisfied with less? and Never settle for less (1987) appeal to the consumer s sense of self worth, much like L Oreal s various Because I m worth it slogans. Other More slogans actually work to convince consumers that they will improve by smoking More, through statements such as I m More satisfied (1991) and Dare to be More (1986).

Another More slogan hits on the most common advertising technique among women-targeted cigarette brands: slimness. The cigarettes themselves are longer and narrower than average cigarettes, and the advertisements mean to imply that women who smoke a thin cigarette will obtain or maintain a thin figure as well. As one slogan explains: It s More you. It s beige. It s slender. It s special (1983).

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