Date: 1933
Brand: Lucky Strike
Manufacturer: American Tobacco Company
Campaign: Couples in Love
Theme: Targeting Women
Keywords: Female, Male, Romance, Toasted, Health, Artist, Hayden Hayden
Quote: No more be said.

Comment: She has him or his smoke wrapped around her little finger. This couple lounges sensually on a coach in evening attire. The man s cigarette is lit and the smoke encircles the couple as the woman plays lightly with the smoke, which ends at her flushed cheeks which bring life and health to her face. They sit comfortably in silence together, and No more need be said in this moment, fueled by Lucky Strikes. Hayden Hayden, a pseudonym for Howard Crosby Renwick, is the illustrator of this image. In the 20s, 30s, and 40s, he illustrated ads for countless products, as well as magazine covers and pin-up posters. He was known for painting girls with rosy cheeks who portrayed beauty, elegance, and sex appeal.

Couples in Love

Love and cigarettes, marriage and cigarettes, sex and cigarettes? Nothing is off limits in these tobacco advertisements which feature couples in love. The advertisements work cigarettes into the everyday lives of couples, seemingly bringing couples closer together or enhancing their sexual connection. In the 1920s and 1930s, women were pictured as part of a couple so as to lessen the shock value of women smoking. However, as times changed and women smoking became widely acknowledged, men and women continued to show up together in cigarette advertisements in romantic scenarios. These advertisements were particularly effective at targeting women, capitalizing on the stereotypical female desire to find a husband or be taken care of by a man. Often, however, these ads were also effective for men, who would imagine, after seeing one of the ads, that a woman sensuously falls into a man s arms with just the whiff of a cigarette or the mingling of fumes.

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