Theme: Vape Festivals


Vape Festivals

With electronic cigarettes (eCigs) gaining in popularity, vape festivals are occurring all over the country. According to the organizers of these events, the festivals provide an opportunity for manufacturers as well as consumers to be educated about the products.

The vape festivals are also a huge attraction for individuals seeking to try the electronic devices as most manufacturers at the events offer free samples as well as plenty of giveaways. The practice of free samples and competitions has been a marketing ploy long used by the tobacco industry to target new consumers, primarily youth.

In addition to having booths that display eCig devices and related accessories, many of the vape festivals also hold Cloud Chasing competitions. These competitions have become immensely popular with a section of vaping enthusiasts. The contestants at these competitions take turns in exhaling gigantic clouds of vapor. Some of these competitions have been called by the vaping community as Vape Olympics and X-Games of Vaping. Videos of these competitions as well as pictures and videos of vape tricks and vape events posted on social media sites make the use of eCigs cool and trendy, a disturbing trend as it may encourage youth to try the product.

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