Brand: E-Lites
Manufacturer: Zandera, Ltd.
Theme: Socials



Many electronic cigarette (eCig) advertisements under this theme highlight the social aspects of vaping. As is well established, there is a camaraderie established among groups of smokers huddled together outside or even a smoker asking for a cigarette or light indoors. It is this social connection that eCig advertisers are promoting.

eCig ads under this theme promote the notion that the use of the electronic device could help individuals 1) be the center of attention, 2) foster new friendships, and 3) create kinship and brotherhood.

For instance, a Vype ad shows four young women at a restaurant. Three of the women in the ad are seen animatedly talking, two of them with eCigs in their hand. One woman is shown staring down at the phone in her hand. The tagline below reads, Break the ice tonight . It is apparent that the ad is encouraging the use of an eCig as a conversation starter. A Facebook post for this ad says Stay indoors this Friday and use your Vype as a conversation starter.

Veppo eCigs even launched a Veppo Social eCig that as the name suggests aids individuals in having a good time uninterrupted. The Veppo website announced the Veppo social as an eCig that allows an individual to satisfy their craving without leaving your laughter behind. An ad for this product shows couples having a good time at a bar. The tagline reads, Stay in the Movement.

In an increasingly networked era, many eCig companies (eg.Smokio) allow for eCig users to share their data and usage on their social networking sites. For instance, Blu eCigs launched a "smart pack" that alerts users of Blu to others users of the eCig within 50 meters. The reusable packs, which serve as a charger for the cigarettes, can be set to exchange information about their owners, like contact information on social networking sites, that can be downloaded onto personal computers.

A widespread tobacco industry marketing strategy has been the sponsorship of social events and promotion of free cigarettes at bars, clubs, and college parties. This strategy encourages youth to take up smoking. eCig companies, most notable among the majors- Blu eCigs, sponsor a number of events. Blu eCigs even has free photo booths and the company s social media pages are filled with albums of individuals at these events having a good time.

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